The Vice-Presidents Meeting and Referral was held on Saturday, October 23, at the Building 1 Amphitheater, with the Presidency, the Vice Presidents, all faculty and staff.

At this meeting, Dr. Taheri first appreciated all the young and hard-working colleagues in the collection, and emphasized the importance of having human capital with a young spirit and high sense of responsibility, and highlighted the role of all colleagues in the university.

Taheri further appreciated the efforts and diligent pursuit of Dr. Arzumand during his term in office in the field of administration and finance, and spoke of his good morale and relationship with other universities, adding: “For personal reasons, he continued to cooperate in They have stepped down and we respect their wishes and wish God the Almighty success.

 Speaking about the spirit of Dr. Rokgira as a sympathetic and brilliant faculty member in the complex, he noted his abilities and experience in the field of educational, student and research assistantship, and envisioned a purposeful and growing trend in his field.

At the end, he appreciated the efforts of Dr. Yazdan Panah in the field of previous Vice President and expressed his earnestness, compassion and compassion in different parts.

Following the program, Dr. Rokgira, Dr. Arzumand, and Dr. Yazdan Panah also each thanked Dr. Taheri and the staff for their efforts.

At the end of the program, the former deputies were honored with a plaque of appreciation, and the new deputies were given orders.

Appreciation and donation from the collection to Ms. Sadegh Bahari and donation from the Ministry of Higher Education Planning Institute to the Ministry of Education and Program and Budget Experts were also included in the program.

Rule of Referrals for Students of Larestan Higher Education Complex for Cultural Affairs Management with Engineer Hassani Deputy Governor and Special Governor of Larestan, Engineer Alipour Deputy Governor of Political and Security Governor, Dr. Taheri Presidency, Dr. Rokgira, Vice-Chancellor for Education, Research and Student and Dr. Norouzi And the new faculty, staff, staff and students of El Doroud were held in the School of Nursing on October 9.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Taheri, President of the Complex, welcomed the efforts of the program and welcomed the students and congratulated the students on the opportunity to gain new knowledge in life and to take the opportunity to gain new life experiences and experiences. Students, despite their limitations and shortcomings, have the opportunity to gain excellent social, scientific, and cultural experiences that should be emphasized and added: learning skills, specialized language learning, working with software or studying in various fields can Support you in building a bright future.

He further referred to the city of Lar as one of the oldest and most ancient cities of Iran and Fars province with rich religious and historical culture rich. And he urged the students to have a decent place in the city as a new citizen.

Taheri praised the achievements of Lar State University in its short time so far, adding: “One of our honors is the recruitment of 4 highly qualified faculty with excellent resume and academic backgrounds who have submitted 20 inventions and 110 journal articles. Internationally accredited by faculty members demonstrate their capability.

He also pointed to the good admission statistics of the graduates of the Larestan Higher Education Complex in the leading universities of the country such as Tehran, Khaje Nasir, Amir Kabir, Isfahan, Shiraz, etc … Students.

Engineer Hassani, the Special Governor of Larestan, welcomed the presence of academics, praised the different activities of each country as a result of the activities of academics and students and urged the students to gain knowledge and knowledge without having to worry about security and social insecurity. To engage in social and political activities in the city of Lar in the form of ideals of the system. He also referred to the city of Lar as a benevolent city, and described the good characteristic as distinguishing it from other cities in the country.

Dr. Rafqirah, Vice President of Education, University Student Research, while appreciating the various units and efforts of the staff, listed the most valuable asset as time and considered the best and most complete way to use it and to work for a better life. In addition to acquiring science, he invited students to participate in various social and cultural programs.

Other contests included the introduction and distribution of video clips of staff introduction, the introduction of the city of Lar, the introduction of cultural programs, and the introduction of the counseling center and video clip of Arbiain.

Dr. Taheri praised the university for holding its first test of the Entrance Examination of Engineers, Technical Associates and Experimental Architects of the Year on Thursday, Friday, October 23, 2019 and co-sponsored by the University. The succession was held by the Larestan Higher Education Complex, which was the only organizer of this test in the cities of Lar and Shiraz in Fars province.

He added: “We are pleased that we have been able to contribute to the education and learning elsewhere in our country due to the concerns and high volume of work, and we are pleased that this will address the concerns of many volunteers, including distance and cost of commuting and others.” It has reduced the issues.

In this test, more than 745 participants, including 645 males and 100 females, participated in seven major building blocks including civil, architectural, surveying, electrical and mechanical installations, urban planning and traffic.

The graduation ceremony for the Year 5 students at Lar State University was held at the Martyr Nubokht Hall in the presence of university officials, students and their families.

At the beginning of the ceremony, after the Quran, video clips and performances of dialects and languages ​​of different ethnicities, Dr. Yazdan Panah, Vice President of Education, Research and Student Affairs, congratulated the students and their families and wished them all success in the process. He also thanked the officials of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the students involved.

In her speech, Dr. Taheri congratulated the students and their families on the endeavor and upgrading of skills in the fields of knowledge besides the secret of a vibrant and extravagant life and called on the graduates to use all their efforts in this field. .

 Daf host performance by Iran group, honoring the top three scientific ranks in each discipline, student pantomime competition, music performance by Fars province network singer Mr. Hadi Habashi, honoring all graduates with statues, taking a commemorative photo of each discipline, Dinner at the Rain Food Collection was another of the events at the event.