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Congratulatory message on the occasion of the start of the new school year and Holy Defense Week

Dr. Taheri, President of the University, congratulated the beginning of the new academic year and Holy Defense Week. This message reads: Congratulations and congratulations to all the distinguished academics, science and knowledge workers, especially new entrants who have recently joined the family of Larestan Higher Education Complex, and wishes everyone the best of luck. I […]

An addiction prevention workshop was organized by the University Counseling Center

The Addiction Prevention Workshop, entitled “Cursed Euphoria”, was held on Tuesday, October 21, with students attending, and Wednesday, October 5, with staff, faculty, and faculty members at the Administration Building Amphitheater. The four-hour course was taught by the Master of Strengths of Welfare Experts with the aim of preventing and spreading addiction among the younger […]

Holding the first Engineer Entrance Examination Course of the Year 98, organized by Larestan Higher Education Complex

The first test of entry into the profession of engineers, technical associates and qualifications of experimental architects will be held on Thursday, Friday, October 23, 2019, at the same time throughout the country at the Larestan Higher Education Complex. In this test, more than 745 participants, including 645 males and 100 females, participate in seven […]

Visit to Mehr Larestan Elderly Home by the Scientific Society of Psychology

On the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly, October 7, students of the Larestan Higher Education Complex visited the Larestan Elderly Home. Planned and implemented by the University Psychological Science Association, the program was well received by students, especially new entrants to the complex. In this program, the students observed how the elderly […]

Re-launch of interactive entrepreneurship sessions in collaboration with Larestan Higher Education Complex

11th Interactive Entrepreneurship Meetings of Larestan (NETKA) on Business Plan presented by Mohammad Ali Jamshidi from Business Area Activist with the participation of Dr. Taheri, President and Engineer of Qanaatpur University of Technology, Larestan Technology Development Center held. The purpose of these meetings is to network with entrepreneurs, professionals, investors and business startups and startups […]

A meeting of faculty members was held at the university’s presidency

The Academic Staff Meeting in coordination with the Vice President of Education, Research and Student Affairs was held Monday, October 23, at the Presidency of the University. Dr. Rokheir Gheir appreciated the presence of all faculty members in three major and urgent discussions.  The topics discussed at this meeting include the organization and participation of […]

The meeting of the Vice-Presidents was held

The Vice-Presidents Meeting and Referral was held on Saturday, October 23, at the Building 1 Amphitheater, with the Presidency, the Vice Presidents, all faculty and staff. At this meeting, Dr. Taheri first appreciated all the young and hard-working colleagues in the collection, and emphasized the importance of having human capital with a young spirit and […]